Welcome to the positive house.

Come on in and explore a house full of optimism, energy and soul. Five top professionals, invited by ELLE DECOR, have designed these spaces to create well-being and happiness. Sustainable, joyful, modern and beautiful. Here, good things happen. Come and see how life gets better.

Lounge – Energy

Good mood centre

A friendly space, with no sharp edges, where curved lines are in charge everywhere – sofas, walls, materials invite you to see life with serenity. Pepe Leal has designed a space for smiles and warmth, in both the meeting room and in the work room… and such a seductive round table! Bright and assured, the colours support the joyful spirit, the happy hours pass by…

Terrace – Oasis

A pleasure for the senses.

In the heart of the city, a green paradise rises between the rooftops and gives new life to the whole house. Its designer, landscaper Jesús Moraime, recreates the freedom of the countryside, its spontaneity, producing spaces with different functions where the sound of water and the seasons, with their blossoms, leaves and aromas, can be enjoyed all day long… Signs of life, connecting with nature and instilling peace.

Bedroom – Temple

Everything flows

Its exquisite textures and perfect lighting make this so much more than a room designed for rest – it draws out the best of those who experience it. Diego Rodríguez has designed a space of refinement and balance: objects are combined with soft materials that are pleasant to the touch – the intimacy that they convey is precious to those enjoying or sharing this created atmosphere. A private place, but open, self-contained, but not isolated.

Bathroom – Game

Here, everyone’s a winner.

You leave this space renewed, within and without. The work of Marta de la Rica, its soothing character goes beyond design and lifts the spirits with its circular approach, energising colours and overall freshness. Flirtation interacts with functionality, the distribution of areas makes sharing possible, the clean beauty of the materials offers therapy for body and soul.

Kitchen – Fiesta

Life is celebrated every day.

For cooking, of course… But also for eating, homework, games, sharing recipes and for conversations, talk, chatter… Inés Benavides has designed this multi-functional space with distinct areas that invite us to celebrate and fill our everyday routines with joy. Natural tones, state-of-the-art sintered stone, nods to design and to the past … all is encapsulated in the design of this, the most shared room of the house.