Marta Riopérez directora de ELLE DECORATION España.
Marta Riopérez directora de ELLE DECORATION España.

More important than ever, the house goes beyond being a refuge and a living space – it has the firm intention to make us happy.

The recent global upheaval is promoting a new lifestyle culture focusing on improving every minute we spend here, from concern for the environment and sustainability to the effect of housing on the quality of physical and mental health.

HOME ELLE Decor is Spain’s first digital exhibition of interior design. We are using it to communicate the responses of industry and designers to new lifestyle needs to a vast audience.

Bright spaces that radiate energy and strength

But, what about beauty? Could it be that the emergency has diverted us from what is valuable? Beauty is one of ELLE Decor’s principles and it therefore uses is as the common thread of the five wonderful spaces that comprise its inaugural project. The living room with a work area, the kitchen-dining room, the multifunctional terrace, the bedroom and bathroom have been created by top professionals in architecture, design and landscaping with a perfect aesthetic range that radiates energy and strength.

In collaboration with producers of design, materials and solutions, they have put their creative talents into this easily accessible and user-friendly exhibition.

And it had to be digital, not due to current circumstances but out of free choice: this is the most efficient vehicle for connecting all participants of the design community; the credibility of the ELLE Decor brand is the perfect bridge linking creators and manufacturers, users and lovers of this beautiful discipline and, thanks to this support, visits will be free, open and accessible to many, with the advantage that, after finding out about the product, those who like it can get more information or even purchase it directly.

Used properly, the digital format is the best vehicle to unite the design community

HOME ELLE Decor is a live project that will host talks, meetings and presentations and will therefore have the capacity to grow.

ELLE Decoration, with its membership in the world’s largest network of interior design publications, with 25 publications in 29 countries and an audience of more than ten million people, has launched this adventure. Come in and make yourselves at home!

Marta Riopérez
Director ELLE Decor Spain