Lounge – Energy

A suggestive space, where life is easier, optimism surfaces and energy flows. The room that Pepe Leal has designed is sophisticated, accessible, young and cultured.

Terrace – Oasis

The wonder of a space with a rustic soul, designed by Jesús Moraime. Equipped with rest and dining areas, in which the passing seasons are evident and with all the urban advantages of connectivity and safety.

Bathroom – Game

Designed by Marta de la Rica, in this bathroom we renew energy and a positive attitude through its colours, textures and finishes; and, at the same time, its orderly architecture gives us the calm and well-being we need to able to live better.

Kitchen – Fiesta

Here meals are prepared, conversations take place, time spent with family and friends is savoured… The interior designer Inés Benavides has designed a layout conveying fluidity and comfort, that makes the most of its connection between the terrace and the garden.