Bathroom – Game

by Marta de la Rica

Physical and anaemic renewal is easy in this scenario full of colour, we come out of here a lot more attractive and happier.

Designed by Marta de la Rica, in this bathroom we renew our energy and positive attitude thanks to its colours, textures, and finishes; also, its orderly architecture gives us the necessary calm and well-being to live better.

True to her style, the designer has wanted to introduce elements typical of a lounge to gain warmth and happiness, like a boiserie with mouldings, a high upholstered ceiling like a tent, a coquet you and me seat … All these pieces coexist in happy harmony with the advanced design bathroom fittings and taps by Grupo Porcelanosa, and that are what makes this bathroom a perfect place for relax and self-care. Examples are the custom-made washbasin with curved shapes and magnificent exempt bath, all in Krion; or the taps of the basin, bath, and shower from the Lignage collection by Ramón Esteve for Noken.

The use of recycled materials and responsible water consumption are central aspects of a bathroom that has sustainability as one of its priorities.

“This space transmits optimism, calm, wanting to pass time there and, in turn, its functionality is perfect”, concludes Marta de la Rica.

Ars Beige Cladding

Your home can become the monument you've been wishing for. Subtlety, elegance and luminosity are all present in this warm toned cladding that has fine ivory criss-crossing veining superimposed. Ars Beige brings out the beauty of semi-precious stones with a unique design that you'll want to have anywhere in your home, but definitely in the bathroom. It's a perfect stroke of warmth and harmony for creating the perfect atmosphere in that oasis of tranquillity.

World Amsterdam Brick Beige Flooring

Created for your floors and walls, this tough material makes a delicate mosaic that wraps every space of your home in stone and warmth with unique distinction. Cover your favourite corners with its beige tones. The L´Antic Colonial natural stone collection of mosaics brings together the modernity, craftsmanship and tradition you've been searching for. Every version of the Amsterdam collection has the mark of quality that only natural stone can provide.

Krion Lux Bathroom Basin

There's an alternative, a material you'd like to use for building both your house and your dreams. It's Krion Lux, as strong as it is durable. It stands apart because of its total lack of porosity, its antibacterial properties and its extreme fire resistance. It can adapt to any design because of its capacity for thermoforming, back lighting and nearly invisible joints, which lets the space you live in be personalised to your tastes. Versatile and warm, it's presented in sheets in different formats and colours that can be worked like wood. It's smooth and infinite, hygienic and easy to clean. Without a doubt, it's the best choice for your bathroom.

Slim Frost White Bathtub

If you're looking for a unique refuge to relax in, where you can find some tranquillity and relax, you'll find it in this spectacular piece. The Slim bathtub expresses purity, elegance and freshness organically. And it does so in 170 x 80 cm and with KRION compact mineral as the only raw material. If you're interested in adding luminosity, beauty and simplicity to your bathroom, choose its pristine matt white. You'll be in the most intimate universe of your home.

Taps and Faucets from the Lignane Collection



Ramón Esteve

Lignage is a voyage through time, the most exquisite design heirloom for your bathroom. It's the latest designer jewel from Porcelanosa. From sketch to sketch, the lines and forms reveal themselves defining their exclusivity and making luxury something simple and permanent. Winner of the 2019 iFDesign Award and the Delta Selection of the 2020 ADI Awards, these taps and faucets symbolise a new bathroom concept. It's the perfect symbiosis between classic and minimalist.