Sustainable elegance

Elegance, something sought after by all of us looking for comfortable living spaces, is a dynamic concept. In today's world, the challenge of sustainability is bringing new insights into the concept of elegance in interior design and architecture. We spoke about this topic, among others, to Mabel Vivas, Neollith's Prescription and Projects Manager, and Iker Ochotorena, the founding architect of OOAA Arquitectura.

Colours and Energy

How does the colour range around us influence our attitudes? We spoke to two true maestros of colour: Elena Reig, Coordonné's creative manager, and the interior designer Luis García Fraile.

Comfort: that magic word

Natural light, fresh air, the link with outdoor spaces... are just some of the ingredients that make the "magic" of comfort come true. We spoke to Almudena López de Rego, an architect and the Prescription Manager at Velux Iberia, and to Dr Carmen Ruiz Martín, an expert in Environmental Medicine, about improving quality of life and promoting environmental health

Materials and Emotions

The choice of materials for the environments we inhabit is fundamental, their feel, appearance and shape conveying certain emotions and influencing how we feel. Such perception changes according to trends and needs. For example, organic, natural textures, conveying warmth, are in vogue today. We spoke about this to Isabel Olivares Grua, an interior design architect and Porcelanosa's Interior Design Manager, and to the architect Andrea Spada from Ilmiodesign.

The light you feel

In dimly lit places we tend to lower our voices, and in well-lit spaces we feel happier... Why is this? How light affects our emotions and behaviour, and how to achieve lighting that positively affects our lifestyle are some of the issues addressed by two leading figures: Noelia Cristóbal, Prescription Manager at SIMON, and the interior designer Erico Navazo.