Kitchen – Fiesta

by Inés Benavides

Here food is prepared, conversations, encounters with family and friends are also tasted. It is also the ideal atmosphere for teleworking, studying, doing homework…

The interior designer Inés Benavides has designed a distribution that makes everything fluid and comfortable, and makes the most of its connection of the terrace with the garden.

Its white walls transmit luminosity, and the furniture invites to share and enjoy in company. Examples of this are the central island and, next to window, a table, which is the daily dining table and the study or work area.

Warmth and functionality are allied here to achieve a place in which we want to be. Therefore, the interior designed has used high quality materials, like Neolith, 100% recyclable sintered stone, covering the cupboards and worktops of the central island and the table.

A pair of ancient pantries, a design hanging lamp, the Cubb puff-table-sculpture, designed by Ines Benavides, are some of the elements that are added for the global wow impact. “The central island with worktop by Neolith and walnut base is the most important piece. We are before a work area, but also a one for living, and its curved lines make the space much more friendly”, states the designer.

Himalaya Crystal Table

The Himalayas were the inspiration for this model. Specifically, the famous salt crystals that have been mined from the region's lands since the times of Alexander the Great. Its clear and crystalline appearance, alongside its contrasting veining, distinctively illuminate the most esteemed room of your home. It's a material that doesn't give up performance or practicality and it can claim to be one of the safest and most hygienic materials. Do you think there's a better choice for your kitchen?

Calacatta Luxe Kitchen Counter Top, Front and Hood

Neolith Calacatta Luxe perfectly condenses the attributes of one of the most highly valued and sought after marbles in the world. It's a noble material combined with elements of Calcatta Crema and Oro that transforms the counter top into the centre piece of any kitchen. It's an extremely safe and hygienic surface because it doesn't absorb debris and it's also highly resistant to chemical cleaning products. It's the perfect balance between originality and classicism. Does it inspire you? Worked stone from a Tuscan quarry

Calacatta Luxe Washbasin

This marble, which condenses the main properties of the most highly valued marble in the world, is also available for washbasins that stand apart because of their sophistication. Calacatta Luxe is inspired by worked stone from a Tuscan quarry and the contrasting colours of its veining sets it apart. If you want your kitchen to resonate harmony make this washbasin the extension of your counter top. In addition to how it looks, its practicality will win you over. This material resists the chemicals in the majority of cleaning products and it doesn't absorb debris.

New York-New York Kitchen Island

If you're looking for that modern urban style that emanates from the big city, what you need in your home is the Neolith New York-New York model, which is a response to the growing interest in using concrete and cement in interiors. With its characteristic grey tones, this attractive surface has an original mix of shiny and matt particles. Because of that, an effect that pleases both the eye and touch is created. Its distinctive Full Body edge furthermore gives it a very realistic feel that makes it very valuable and useful in work environments.

Krater Furniture Fronts

Why is natural slate so sought after and why does it make your home look like the best place in the world? Krater is making a tribute to this beautiful material. It's a grey coloured stone with a rough, high relief texture that reinvents cladding for walls and furniture. Slate gives its distinguished essence to the design of contemporary environments, because it helps confer an elegant sobriety to the space it's used in. It's impervious to time and trends.

Summer Dala Flooring

With a very natural appearance, Neolith Summer Dala represents the unmatched texture of pine using the most advanced technologies. Remarkable surfaces that are similar to unvarnished wood can be created with it. The result is a high definition material with maximum performance and eternal value. It lets you walk confidently over the floor of a well lived in room like your kitchen or living room. And it has all the warmth and beauty of wood.

Home Alarm

Movistar and Prosegur have joined forces to offer new protection for your home with Movistar Prosegur Alarmas. These alarms are connected to the Alarm Receiving Switchboard with police notification 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, while their security experts are ready to provide an immediate response in case of an emergency. What's the goal? To keep you and your family protected at all times, even online. Its digital security handles it and your communications and WiFi network will also be protected against cyberattacks.

You'll have complete control of your home through the app that lets you see what's happening when you're not home through the cameras, activate and deactivate your alarm and know the status of it. Whenever you what and wherever you are.