Lounge – Energy

by Pepe Leal

An optimist and suggestive space where life is easier, optimism flowers and energy flows.

The lounge projected by Pepe Leal is sophisticated, close, young, and cultured. The smooth curved shapes of its floor plan and walls, and furniture with rounded shapes by the firm Roche Bobois, create a nest effect favouring the flow and opening of the mind. Pepe Leal has searched for positiveness in serenity and balance created by clear hues, organic shapes, and natural textures. “This space surrounds us and makes us feel protected, safe, and peaceful. There are no hard lines, everything is curved, smooth and delicate”, he describes.

Multiplied by clear hues, light has been one of the greatest allies of this interior designer when achieving sensations of vitality and peace. And for that, the installation of Velux terrace windows in the living and working areas, which, in addition, connect the lounge with a terrace full of green, in a correct merger of the interior with the exterior.

Also the artificial illumination has been given maximum care, searching for very special and intimate atmospheres for different moments. And to do that, the interior designer has used Simon illumination systems and mechanisms that allow regulating the illumination.

Sustainability is one of the keys for the HOME ELLE Decor lounge, with walls providing perfect isolation which have been painted using the line of Coordonné ecological paints. The commitment for natural materials, like clay and bricks, and crafted pieces, are in symphony with this eco proposal.

Round Bubble 2 Sofa



Sacha Lakic

This iconic model from the Roche Bobois collection, made entirely with capitonné, expresses the balance between innovation, function and emotion. It's no coincidence that it comes out of Sacha Lakic's passion for cutting edge technology. This Bubble with 3-4 seats is inspired by natural forms and it's completely hand made. Stretchable textiles that can perfectly fit the round forms had to be developed for the concept. Its comfort is born out by it technical characteristics: solid fir frame, pine multi-laminate and particle panels with HR elastic webbing suspension.

Doric Coffee Table



Bina Baitel

As if it were a column sensitively imported from ancient Greece, this glazed ceramic table is the most sublime expression of art and design. The creator of the idea relies on experiments associated with architecture to transform concepts into objects, like this delicious fluted table that looks like it's been cut and transported from a fragment of ruins you might find at an archaeological site. The Roche Bobois spring-summer season brings marvellous updated classics. The tables, which are available in different colours (yellow, white, blue and beige), belong to a collection of exclusive pieces that adhere to this unique and exclusive aesthetic.

Quintet Coffee Table



Maurizio Manzoni

We invite you to observe this prodigy with five sides that comes in different sizes and a wide range of finishes. The Quintet collection of tables - pure vintage for your living room - can fit into any setting or space in your home. What's more, the different sizes the tables are available in means they can be combined with each other. The duo they make in a living room is without equal. Do you want more? Their black lacquered steel legs are the counterpoint that is a mark of elegance. This series of tables brings the most innovative beauty to the most sought after room of your home.

Simon 270 Dimmer Switch

Give your spaces the life you want. Simon 270 lets you create the right ambiance for any moment because it controls the entrance of natural light and lighting. You can give it connectivity even if you don't have HUB. How? You can connect your iO devices with the Simon iO app or voice assistants. Your innermost world will light itself up. The brand makes it available with eight finishes that can integrate perfectly with all kinds of materials, furniture or decoration. To improve, simplify.

Simon 810 Linear Lighting

Because there is no architecture without light, the 810 range by Simon provides linear lighting that can be integrated into your space, building elements or furniture. It provides multiple installation and personalisation opportunities. It lets you create different ambiances, contours and colour effects both indoors and outdoors. The light, in the form of LED strips, becomes a line that integrates itself into any space, from the living room to the kitchen or bedroom, very naturally.

Simon Hole Downlight

Imagine light that twists and turns through the architecture of your house; a pure light you can perceive like an endless cascade of positive feelings. That is the Hole system by Simon, which recreates that physical effect with a sensual and poetic luminous essence. If you're not satisfied with the same intensity and strength as always, the Up&Down mode will also let you envision varied ambiances. You can choose from different sizes and decorative finishes. With the Simon 270 device, lighting can be controlled intelligently and regulated - warm or cool. Hole can be perfectly built-in to a wall and it can be moved vertically with your hand for visual comfort.

Terrace Window

If you have an outdoor space you'd like to use but can't because the ceiling is sloped, here's your solution. The VELUX terrace window gives you the best of both worlds, giving you outdoor access when it's open and letting light through when it's closed. It has a door and an extra pane and it can be designed with a roof or terrace window, whichever suits you best. Are you ready to enjoy a good book or breakfast under the sun?

Terrace Window

The VELUX terrace window gives you the best of both worlds, giving you outdoor access when it's open and letting light through when it's closed. If you have an outdoor space you'd like get some use out of but you can't because the roof is sloped, here's your solution. It has a door and an extra pane and it can be designed with a roof or terrace window. We know you're already dreaming about some time reading in the sun.

Environmentally Friendly Water Based Paint

Environmentally friendly, easy to use, washable, high opacity and in two finishes: MATT-INTERIOR (extra matt for interior walls and ceilings) and EGGSHELL (for indoor and outdoor doors, windows and furniture). That describes the paint adorning the Home Elle Decor living room. Do you want to find out how they change the room?

1. Minimalist living room: An elegant and light filled space with a whitewashed ceiling where the bone coloured walls are emphasised. There are some splashes Coral on the brick cladding that act as a counterpoint.

2. Nature living room: The ochre and green tones mixed together convert this room into a tribute to the natural world. The curved walls are Hierbabuena, the brick ones are Laurel, the ceiling is Cardamomo and the greenhouse area is a soft Amber.

3. Oasis living room: Blues (Príncipe and Bahía), that always inspire calmness, with Coral on the side to give a warm touch to the brick wall. It's a combination that turns your living room into the bastion of peace we all need.

4. Lively living room: Warm colours, an invitation to summer with the Terracotta, Cinta, Goya and Pimienta tones. They're colours that, as a group, take us to places where the sun shines brightly and gives us all its energy

5. Creative living room: What happens when you put the Canela and Celadón tones from Coordonné together? It makes a play of complementary colours that simply works. There is a red and green toned down with the Hueso to give light and neutrality to the curved walls.

Home Alarm

Movistar and Prosegur have joined forces to offer new protection for your home with Movistar Prosegur Alarmas. These alarms are connected to the Alarm Receiving Switchboard with police notification 24 hours a day 365 days of the year, while their security experts are ready to provide an immediate response in case of an emergency. What's the goal? To keep you and your family protected at all times, even online. Its digital security handles it and your communications and WiFi network will also be protected against cyberattacks.

You'll have complete control of your home through the app that lets you see what's happening when you're not home through the cameras, activate and deactivate your alarm and know the status of it. Whenever you what and wherever you are.